Hello! What I’m about, and what to expect from this blog


Big hellos from me and JJ! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and peeking into out topsy-turvy world! Please bear with me figuring out the finer details of site design and faffing around, this will probably look messy for a while. I’m not a professional writer by any stretch of the imagination but I do love to write. I also love cooking, and experimenting with recipes so expect a fair amount of that sort of thing too! I felt like I needed a place to document my gorgeous sons development, and my development alongside it. I also need a way to express some of the thoughts my bpd throws around in my head along with my treatment plans, medical and alternative. I am currently experimenting with herbs and clean eating as a treatment method whilst waiting for DBT. This blog will also document my journey and successes and failures as I try out different homeopathic, alternative and natural therapies (fingers crossed we have mostly successes though!)
Please enjoy and be safe
Love, Hanna and JJ

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