Cows Milk Allergy-Making Progress

Today JJ was diagnosed with a cows milk allergy, and I just wanted to share the experience.

I’ve been seeking advice for a few weeks now, speaking to people who have children who suffer from allergies and intolerances, and I came to the conclusion that JJ has a cows milk allergy.
Many of the people I spoke with mentioned the struggle they faced getting a diagnosis and correct treatment, often left feeling dismissed with a prescription for gaviscon or something similar. One woman I spoke to only managed to get a diagnosis after ignoring the doctor, changing to a specific hydrolysed milk and then showing the doctors the results.
This scared me. I’m a pretty anxious person and the thought of the doctors not taking it seriously was awful. Months of GP and dietician appointments loomed ahead in my mind, I pictured endless trips and medications, watching my poor boy suffer while they eliminated other options.
Thankfully we got lucky and saw a very sympathetic doctor, I’d come prepared with a list of JJ’s symptoms and she printed me a prescription for hydrolysed milk on the spot. I hope anyone who is in the same boat gets as lucky as us.
The weight off my shoulders is incredible, I’ve felt so guilty feeding JJ something that so clearly made him sick, I wish his symptoms had been noticed sooner so he hadn’t had to suffer as much, but I spent a long time believing everyone who told me he was just a sicky baby and there was nothing wrong. I really need to work on listening to my gut with these things.

JJ’s on his second bottle of milk now, and it’s the most I have ever seen him keep down since he has been bottle fed (although he’s still being sick).
Fingers crossed we’re making progress!

**If you think your child may suffer from cows milk allergy, please consult your GP! **

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